Monday, July 18, 2016

Things All Veteran Students Should Know!

Did you know that all students can sign up for Federal Financial Aid?

The number one money related question I get from veteran students is whether or not they can use Federal Financial Aid.  Most of the time when I ask the student if they have applied for financial aid they tell me that they haven't.  They are often worried about those funds interfering with their GI Bill benefits and visa versa.  The reality is that most schools, including Yavapai College, encourage their veteran students to apply for financial aid on top of their GI Bill so that things that might not be covered by their GI Bill will be covered by another funding source!

No joke!  You really can use your GI Bill and receive other financial aid at the same time!  In fact, at most schools it is really important to go through the process of applying for financial aid because if you apply for and receive scholarships that is how the school processes the scholarship.  Aside from all that, the GI Bill does not cover everything.  Classes that are not a part of your degree, books, miscellaneous supplies, all of these things are out of pocket.  But, in most cases other financial aid will cover those expenses!

So, speaking as a School Certifying Official (aka the folks who report your enrollment to the VA) and an Advisor I can say that we absolutely encourage all of our students to apply for Federal Financial Aid alongside their GI Bill benefits.  The two different funding sources do not impact one another and you only stand to gain by utilizing both!

If you would like help applying for Federal Financial Aid as a Veteran Student please contact one of the representatives at Yavapai College's Veterans Education and Transition Services Department for an appointment. or

Posted By Carol Beard
Advisor/Certifying Official

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Remembrance Day and Thank You to Veterans at Yavapai College

On November 10th there will be two events at Yavapai College, both in Prescott and the Verde Valley Campuses, honoring veterans. Please come out and join us.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Veterans Helping Veterans (and others) Pt. 2

Since returning from the Global War on Terrorism and the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq many veterans have found renewed purpose in serving other veterans as well as their communities at large. As such Veterans Upward Bound's Active Duty to Academics blog seeks to showcase these veterans and the paths of service they have chosen. Here is an article from Task & Purpose that shows how 2 veterans and one active duty member are still serving those in need.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Veterans Helping Veterans

At Northern Arizona Veterans Upward Bound the idea of veterans serving veterans resonates with us as much of our staff are veterans themselves while the rest have veteran family members. That means that the day to day operation of helping veterans is near and dear to our hearts. This idea of giving back and serving other veterans and helping them to be successful, especially after experiencing difficulties, is really gaining traction in the veteran community. It is also very important; who knows veterans, especially those of the current conflicts, better than themselves. So in part 1 of what I hope will be an on-going series of posts I would like to point out 2 veterans who have taken on the tasks of healing themselves and healing their fellow veterans. The first is Derek Weida, a former 82nd Airborne paratrooper who lost a leg to action in Iraq. You can read more about his story here or go straight to his organizations page, The Next Objective to find out more. The other veterans is a former Navy SEAL who was also wounded in Iraq and found ways beyond medication to heal his body. His name is Mikal Vega and he started Vital Warrior to help service members overcome the stresses of combat. Hopefully these stories will help all veterans remember to never give up and that there are other veterans out there that care and provide resources.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Prescott Veterans Stand Down

The Arizona Veterans Standdown Alliance is hosting the 10th Annual Stand Down in Prescott, an event to provide services to homeless veterans and to connect them with community resources. This years event will take place on September 18th and 19th at Frontier Village 1841 East State Hwy 69, Prescott, AZ 86301. If you are a veteran in need please stop by and find out what assistance is out there to help you. If you know a veteran in need please let them know about this opportunity. If you would like more information about the services provided go to the Prescott Stand Down page or check out the flyer Veterans Upward Bound will be there providing veterans with information and resources about opportunities in higher education. Hope to see you there!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Job and Education ideas for Veterans

Here is a great post from We Are the Mighty explaining 7 jobs that almost seem custom-made for Veterans leaving the service. Even better is that you can get the training for 6 of the 7 jobs listed here right here in Prescott, AZ! Check it out here!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Welcome to the new and improved Northern Arizona Veterans Upward Bound!

Welcome Everyone! This blog has been quite for the past 8 months while Veterans Upward Bound at Yavapai College has re-staffed, revamped, and readied for the new year. All of us here are very excited to roll out many new offerings during the fall semester and beyond. You may have noticed that the blog itself has a new title, Active Duty to Academics. This title better reflects what Veterans Upward Bound is here to do, turn former service members into college students. So stayed tuned here or stop by and see all the new things we have going on.